Enjoy Solitary Play with Online Video Poker

Online video poker is great fun for both new and experienced players. The benefit that this game has over traditional table poker, though, is the variety of games and the potential for dramatically higher jackpots. Most tables will stick to the basic varieties; 7 card stud, Texas Holdem and the like. While these classic varieties are still available to play in video poker format, there are so many more styles available to play. With names like Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, and Aces and Faces, a player could become intimidated, or even hesitant to play. It's always important, whether playing online or at a table, to check the rules and the pay tables to get a feel for each game before it starts.

Playing online video poker is very similar to playing at a table. The game starts when the player clicks Deal. Depending on the website, players are either matched against other players, or against an AI program, and a dealer. Players can discard and draw cards, and the software evaluates the hand and determines whether or not it is eligible for a payout. In this situation, the software becomes the dealer for the game. The nicest thing about this particular offering is that the player can try out multiple styles of the game to find one that they are comfortable with, without ever having to leave the home computer.

Video poker at Riverbelle casino is an increasingly popular way to spend time and money. Riverbelle offers a large number of varieties, and many progressive jackpot games. A progressive jackpot is simply a jackpot that is created by accumulating small amounts of money from each player in a networked game, usually a portion of the wager, and combining it. With games like slots, a progressive jackpot is generally won on a grand prize spin. With video poker, it provides escalating prizes for more powerful hands. If a very rare hand such as a royal flush appears, the player with that hand will win substantially higher prizes. Visit Riverbelle's website for more information on the subjects, or to try a hand or two.


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