The Most Famous Slots at Canadian Sites

They are loved all over the world and can be found in land-based and online venues alike, but which are the most famous slots at Canadian sites online? It really depends on who you ask, but it goes without saying that most people are attracted to those that have a huge progressive jackpot. Since most people aren't going to enjoy that kind of excitement in their lifetimes, you'll have to dig a little bit further to get to the bottom of things. First, you'll need to consider the differences between three-reel and video slots, and then you'll need to understand the variety of themes and features that are available.

First and foremost, the classic variation typically has only three reels and a single payline (an area in which a winning combination can be formed). These are the simplest of all, and people prefer them because there isn't really any confusion or thought behind it. They can just insert a coin, click or pull the handle, and hope that they've won. The video options, on the other hand, may have between five and nine reels and potentially thousands of different paylines, depending upon the software developer. People who prefer these claim that there is much more going on and that the entertainment value alone is much higher.

Finally, whether you prefer the classic or the video pokies, there are literally hundreds of themes from which you can select. Blockbuster movies, hall of fame musicians, comic book heroes and more grace the screen and provide a great deal of fun. Some have progressive jackpots and others don't, but nevertheless the top prizes are pretty impressive. There are plenty of prizes that regularly top out at $10,000 or more, and anyone could use that kind of cash. The River Belle Casino is a great place to enjoy all kinds of the most famous slots out there, and they even offer some pretty impressive bonuses to help get you started. Whether you like the classics or immersive 3D graphics with whimsical themes, they have it all and they're eager to please.


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