Learning Craps: How to Play Smart

If you are interested in learning craps how to play, then you'll be glad to know that it is either as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. It starts out with a shooter, or the person who will throw two dice onto the virtual table. Your only job is to place a stake upon what you think the shooter will roll. There are literally dozens of different ways to do that, and this is where you'll need to be careful if you want to win. The best strategy, in most cases, is to stick to the traditional Pass and Don't Pass wagers which pay only even money but present you with the best overall odds.

The Pass and Don't Pass craps rules are relatively easy to understand. When you place a Pass wager, you're essentially betting that the shooter will throw a seven or an 11 before a two, three or 12 in which case he or she 'craps out'. The other option, then, is the exact opposite of this. Of course, there are several numbers that aren't covered in either case, so if one of these is rolled prior to a two, three, seven, 11 or 12, then this number becomes the 'point' and there is a brand new objective. Essentially, you'll have to re-bet and predict whether or not the shooter will be able to throw the point again before tossing a seven.

Of course, there are other things from which you can choose, too, which include the Hard Way bet. With this, for example the 'Hard Way Six', you're betting that a six will be rolled as a pair of threes rather than a four and a two or a five and a one. There are literally dozens of choices, so it's important to study them and their odds prior to diving right in when you learn craps how to play. At Riverbelle Casino, you can take advantage of fantastic graphics, the ability to enjoy unlimited free sessions, and even a fantastic welcome offer should you choose to move over to a paid account at any time.


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