Everything You Need to Know about Online Progressive Jackpots

While there are plenty of ways in which people can strike it rich in internet casinos, there is nothing quite like online progressive jackpots for providing lucky winners with life-changing sums of money. Though this is the case and thousands upon thousands of people flock to them every day, very few will actually be lucky enough to bank the cash. Why is this? Well, you have to consider that in order for it to be considered "progressive", it must progressively get larger. The only way for this to happen is for a portion of each wager that is placed on a particular title throughout the manufacturer's network to be added to the pool. Then, the pot will climb and climb until someone happens to get lucky.

How does the game decide when to release the prize, though? It's actually quite complex, but it can be put into layman's terms. All of the various parts of any casino game that can be found on the internet are computerized, and the part that is designed to power the online progressive jackpots is a separate piece of equipment. After someone wins and the pool resets, that equipment, which is powered by a random number generator, will immediately begin searching through millions of possible combinations in order to find the one that will act as the trigger for the current jackpot. Then, as people across the network play the associated game, another random number generator makes instant, random decisions as to the outcomes of each round. The person who is lucky enough to create that winning combination - the one that is set as the trigger - takes home the money.

Riverbelle Casino is home to many online progressive jackpots that can provide big prizes and even bigger excitement. The software provider of choice at this establishment just happens to be Microgaming, which is well-known for its record-setting jackpots that have topped out in the tens of millions. Mega Moolah and Major Millions are worldwide favorites, and they are just as fun as they are exciting. Major Millions has several different tiers, as well, and this means that even people on a budget can have a chance at an impressive reward.


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